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A B O U T 

Skærmbillede 2015-04-11 kl. 21.21.25.PNG

Lars Lundgren was born 20. April, 1964.

1988 – 1992 Educated teacher specializing in geography and social studies.

1993 - 1995 Geography from Copenhagen University

1993 - 2000 Taught at a special school for children with Asbergers and Autism


Lars Lundgren is a trained visual artist at Flemming Vincent Arly Ottendal Nielsen

Lars Lundgren's work is divided into two seperate stories:


1 / the abstract expressionist with strong roots in the period around COBRA. Here, Lars Lundgren works in strong colors that lay unmixed on the canvas and in thick layers that are repainted again and again - until there is another physical presence on the canvas.

For many years, Lars Lundgren described his works in large abstract - expressionist paintings. The close relationship and experience with the children from the special school he worked with for approx. 8 years, were often presented as happy colorful faces with a slightly skewed appearance. The faces and half-figures would continue from canvas to canvas, only slightly differing in shape and color. It is this almost monotonous production of often almost identical motifs that clearly lead the inspiration to ​​the Danish COBRA artists' naive straightforward production.


2 / The abstract landscape painting in which the landscape is interpreted in a macro universe, suggests that the viewer is drawn into a world of contour lines and signs recognized from the scientific geography often rooted in the Glacial landscape series. Landscapes are portrayed as abstract, almost blurry paintings, forcing the viewer to recall their own memories and images of landscapes, some works even force the viewer to think of macro landscapes.


In Lars’ latest work, it is clear that a visit to the Guggenheim in New York in 2018 greatly influenced him. A series created as a tribute to the late American abstract artist Jackson Pollock has subsequently had a great imprint on Lars’ own abstract expressionist work and has formed the concept of "action painting". A form of expression that has produced the framework of a large number of paintings that both celebrate Jackson Pollack but also reflects a clear Nordic approach to the ultra-abstract.

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